Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An Easy DIY Fall Table Runner Anyone Can Make

 This scenic picture was taken during one of my trips to New Hampshire.

Seasonal craft fairs are my kind of fun. But I’ve found something almost as good: a friend who frequents the "Sugar Plum Festivals" in Southern Cal and buys items which transforms the atmosphere of her home, inside and out. You can be sure whenever a holiday approaches I pay her a visit. 

Every year she seems to add something new. Last October it was several strands of orange pumpkin lights hung above the entry way. Very cute.

The table runner goes perfect with the sign which my sis gave me.

Another time it was an eye-catching table runner (similar to one in above photo) with colorful flowers and leaves. It was so charming I had to ask: “Where did you get that? It’s darling.” If I remember right, she told me, “Oh, I bought it online after the holidays. It was the last one and I got it for 90% off!”

A few weeks later I got to admire it again and took a closer look at how it was made. Then it dawned on me: “Ah, this is my type of craft! No sewing machine required. I could make this!” Being that Nancy and I are good friends I asked her if she would mind if I created one for myself. A short time later she was at her printer making a color copy of her runner so I’d have a visual from which to create a pattern. 

A few inexpensive supplies are all you need!

When chilly weather arrived, I gathered together my supplies and while I watched TV each evening, began to work on the table runner. I’m not a great seamstress, but the end result of this homespun project came out better than I expected. It's not perfect, but it got my sister's seal of approval so that's good enough for me. 

It's been tucked away in the buffet since last November, but earlier this month got to return to the ol' maple table. I love how it brightens up my kitchen.

Then last week, while sitting at the table to plan future blog content it struck me: this table runner might make an interesting story. Maybe even be the easy DIY project someone is hoping to find on Pinterest! One that is pleasing to the eye, doesn’t cost much to make, and can be done quickly . . . or over a span of weeks.

Each flower design uses different colors of felt.

Only a few materials are needed (felt, thread, and needle) and the required skill level is minimal. If you can thread a needle and know three simple stitches you are good to go. Don't know the stitches? Pretty sure instructions can be found online, or in a book at your local library. Better yet, if your grandma lives nearby ask her if she knows how to embroider. Most likely she does and would be delighted to help you with this project.

So, what will it be? Go to a holiday craft fair or create your own fun and make a table runner?


P.S.  I do have an instruction sheet for the table runner I made. If you'd like a free copy leave a comment below, and also enter your email in box at top of page + click “submit” button.


  1. If someone didn't know the stitches they could use glue and fabric paint to dress it up. Great idea and inexpensive too.

  2. After doing all those french knots I considered omitting those lines and dots, but pressed on. Your fabric paint alternative is a good idea. Thanks.

  3. Julie, this table runner is so nice and you did a beautiful job on it! Things that aren't too hard are my cup of tea, too!

  4. "Nice and beautiful"? Such wonderful words to read as I begin my day. Thanks for the compliment.


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