Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A 2015 New Year's Debate Winner!

I had a debate with myself this morning. Should I post this article today, or file it away for January 1, 2016? One side of me said, "No, save it for another day. We're already two weeks into the new year." The other side said, "Post it! After all, if popular blogger Holley Gerth can write about her special word for 2015 on January 14th, so can you."

And the debate goes to . . . Phooey on perfectionism, hurrah for delayed posts!

First, a short disclaimer: I wrote my piece over a week ago as a writer's group assignment and do not know Holly. This morning I was totally surprised, and delighted, to find we had penned something similar. She doesn't disclose how she came about her idea for choosing a word. Mine resulted from watching an eleven-minute video, “Discover God’s Theme for You in 2015," presented by bestselling author John Eldredge and ministry partner, Craig McConnell at

In summary, the two men discuss the practice of asking God for what He has for us in the year ahead. Hearing their individual experiences lent credence to this practice and sounded familiar. Each year I select a word and then read Scripture making note of every place it appears. One year I chose “favor.” Last year, “prayer”.  But they were my choices, not God’s, and done for a different purpose. This year I am going with John and Craig’s idea.   

This is not a mystical experiment. It is simply a desire to pay closer attention to God and what He intends for me. None of us knows what will transpire in 2015, but God does. I do know I want my heart and mind to be in sync with His. 

Here’s what I’ve learned in the initial days of this practice: Don’t expect God to tell you immediately what that word or phrase is. Most likely, that’s not gonna happen. Instead, set aside all your expectations other than the promise that He will inform you at some point. Until He does, simply go about your life, keeping alert to His voice. You will know. There won’t be any doubt or question when He reveals His theme for you. May take a few days, or a few months.  Maybe even longer. Leave the timing to Him.

For me, my word emerged while I read Scripture. It's a six-letter-word that starts with an L . . . Listen! As I pondered it there was no resistance on my part to embrace it. I welcomed it, ready to see God’s theme unfold. 

Pretty sure twelve months from now a remarkable story about God and that word will be revealed. No doubt all sorts of twists and turns, conflict, laughter, challenges, moments of boredom, tragedy, triumphs, and probably a surprise ending will comprise the story. 

Meanwhile, I am making short entries in a journal about any significant lessons, insights, events, or scriptures from each day. Already today I found a gem towards the end of Holley's blog, -- "The desire to listen pleases Him (God) and He'll answer in His perfect timing." 

Why don't you join me, John and Craig, Holley and her husband, and many others by asking God what word He has for you in 2015? Aren't you curious to know what He's chosen?  

When you find out, do let me know!