Some people love to talk about themselves. Not me. I'm an introvert. Not shy, just very quiet. Which is why I feel right at home in libraries and bookstores, or reading a novel at the beach -- my all-time favorite place to be.

It could also be why I spent years working as an editor of a trade journal and book publisher, followed by 14 years as a librarian. Yep, I do like books.

But I'm not all about literature. I have other interests: chocolate!  Dark chocolate that is. I consume it daily, right along with my vitamins. Doesn't everyone?

Art is another interest of mine. Even as a child if I had a paintbrush in hand I was happy. When I got older I had a small graphic design business, but these days my art finds expression via planners and Washi tape. With my bent towards organization and structure, it's the perfect fit. And fun too.

Here are a few other facts that reveal who I am: co-authored a new book,The Self-ish Writer; swim to stay fit; addicted to Dannon coffee yogurt; live with chronic illness; am a committed Christian; never tire of learning or trying new things (except sushi) which is why I took up my friend's challenge to start a blog.

And now, a little bit about The Suitcase Journals.  While de-cluttering my house one day I came across a suitcase-like-container. Inside was a collection of quotes, kids' artwork, advice, old journals, letters, and stories I've saved for decades.

My first thought was: "To the dump you go!" My second thought was: "Hey, not so fast. There's some good stuff here worth sharing." Then a principle in the Bible (i.e. Psalm 102:19) about the importance of remembering and passing on Truth to future generations came to mind. So, the collection was spared and has now become the main reason for doing this blog.

A fan of variety, there's bound to be an art project or recipe on the blog now and then. Book recommendations too. They are a must, along with anything which triggers a smile. Gotta have a little fun here.

Whatever turns up, my hope is you will be glad you dropped by and always leave inspired or encouraged.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you'll return.



  1. Umm... yeah... of COURSE chocolate is a daily necessity!! Doesn't that go without saying? LOL

    I love your story about finding the suitcase. It reminds me of the beginning to a mystery story -- or a good, dimensional-travel fantasy.

    Do you ever review ARCs? I have one I think you might enjoy. It is Literary Christian non-fiction. If interested, please email me kb9nyo @ gmail.

  2. Hi Beth - What a nice surprise to find your note today and meet a fellow chocolate lover. Creative writing is not my gift, but your idea to develop a mystery based on my suitcase story is intriguing. Will email you about ARCs soon.


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