We all have a story.

Here are a few from my life that I hope will either pass on a bit of wisdom, make you laugh, or perhaps shed a tear, cause you to be grateful, or contains some biblical truth that you needed to hear today.

And now for the list of stories that have appeared on my blog:
     The 2016 Rio Olympics and the 90-Year Old Swimming - August, 2016

     My Take On ... Daylight Saving Time, Clocks, and "Nearing Home," a Book by Billy Graham - March, 2016

     A Salute to My Dad, PFC Kermit Lyle Cave, and His Remarkable Letter About WWII - November, 2016

     How to Make Apple Cider the Old Fashioned Way - October, 2015

     A 2015 New Year's Debate Winner - January, 2015

     The Hiding Place--How It Impacted My Life - November, 2014

     The Story of the Over-Due Library Book - November, 2014

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